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Segway HT Polo is a spin off sport which fuses a new generation of high-tech, self balancing transportation, the Segway HT, with a 2000 year old game usually reserved for players on horseback. The game is played much like horse polo but on the Segway HT.



The 2007 Woz Challenge Cup Results!

The 2007 Woz Challenge Cup was a big success! The Silicon Valley Aftershocks defeated the New Zealand Pole Blacks 5-0 in a tough match on an extremely rough field. Stuart Moore scored 3 goals and Jon Bauer and Alex Ko followed up with 1 goal each.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video.

Haven Daley of the AP did a very nice piece on the event.

Segway Today has put together a great video from the event.

2007 Woz Challenge Cup

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Woz Challenge Cup Results

2007 - Silicon Valley Aftershocks def. New Zealand Pole Blacks 5-0

2006 - Silicon Valley Aftershocks tie New Zealand Pole Blacks 2-2

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