Segway HT Polo is a spin off sport which fuses a new generation of high-tech, self balancing transportation, the Segway HT, with a 2000 year old game usually reserved for players on horseback. The game is played much like horse polo but on the Segway HT.


Teams Around the World

Since Bay Area SEG started playing polo on Segway HTs on a regular basis, many other teams have formed across the U.S. and around the world.

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U.S Teams

Silicon Valley Aftershocks

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is the official name for the Bay Area SEG's Segway HT Polo club. Their first match was played in July, 2004.


Oakland Junkyard Dogs

Most of the Oakland Junkyard Dogs have been playing Segway HT Polo since almost the beginning. They have a high ratio of XTs and are becoming known for their tough, aggressive play.



International Teams

New Zealand Pole Blacks Segway HT Polo

This team formed in December of 2005 and promptly challenged the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway HT Polo team to the first World Segway HT Polo Games of 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand on February 19th, 2006. They are located in Auckland, New Zealand.



Dubai Falcons

The Dubai Falcons are a group of HT enthusiasts who will glide anywhere. A multinational team with players from every part of the globe, we and Segway HT Polo bring culture to the term "cross-culture".

Switzerland HT Polo

Located in Geneva, this is the first HT Polo team created in Switzerland. The team name is the Vandoeuvres HT Polo team. Their first match was played in March 2006.

They have created the SHTPA (Swiss HT Polo Association) and are promoting the sport in Switzerland and help people to create new club all around the country.



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