Segway HT Polo is a spin off sport which fuses a new generation of high-tech, self balancing transportation, the Segway HT, with a 2000 year old game usually reserved for players on horseback. The game is played much like horse polo but on the Segway HT.



The Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group (Bay Area SEG) has been playing Segway HT Polo for more than a year and has at least 20 players.

Segway polo wasn't created by Bay Area SEG. At least one other group had played a version of the game at a Minnesota Viking's half-time. Bay Area SEG got involved with Segway HT Polo when one of our members, Jonathan van Clute, suggested that we try to put together a polo match. While there was interest, it took Alex Ko to actually put together a couple of mallets and get out there with Jonathan to see if polo on the Segway would really work and, more importantly, be fun. It turned out to work very well and was a lot of fun.

After a couple of months of talking about it and working with everyone's schedules they organized the first actual "match" on July 11, 2004. Five Bay Area SEG members (Jon Bauer, Paul Costa, Alex Ko, Stuart Moore & Jonathan van Clute) showed up to that first match and played a 2-on-2 game. Everyone had a great time so they planned more games and more people started to show up.

A simplified version of the rules was formalized shortly after that and the players have worked as a group to continually update and change them as necessary. A new rules version tailored to tournament play can be found here.

Since it's inception there has been interest in playing Segway HT Polo throughout the U.S. as well as other countries such as; New Zealand, UAE, France, China, Italy and Argentina.

The First Match - July 11, 2004



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