Segway Polo

Have you played “Segway polo”? Have you even heard about it? Upon reading the world polo, you are probably thinking that this is a sport that may be characterized by the use of ‘polo clubs’. Partially, you got it right. If you are thinking, however, that horses are involved in this sport, you are in the wrong direction. What then really is Segway polo? If you want to learn more about this action-packed sport, you better continue reading this article. On this page, you will get to discover how this game has attracted hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts in certain parts of the world. Who knows? You might be the next big name in Segway polo sporting events.

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Segway Polo explained

Segway polo is a type of team sport. According to various sports experts, Segway polo begin to earn its popularity after it was played by the “Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group or Bay Are SEG” members back in 2004.

This sport has huge similarity with the horse polo. However, the major difference is that Segway polo players ride on Segway PTs rather than a horse. Like that of the horse polo, the main objective of the players in this game is to strike the ball to the goal. Generally, players chase and hit the ball the same way it is done in horse polo. A game of Segway Polo includes play of several 5 minute rounds – called “chukkers” in polo. Teams play each other 3 vs. 3, with 6 players on the field at any one time. Up to dozen additional players watch and cheer from the sidelines, then substitute at every chukka, so everyone keeps entertained throughout. As to the fields where this game is played, there are not a lot of crucial requirements. As a matter of fact this game can be played almost anywhere. An outdoor field with a measure of 20m x 40m is a viable area to play the game. If it will be played indoors, a space with the same measure as that of a basketball court will do. In fact, an actual basketball court can be used as the Segway polo field. For an official Segway Polo Tournament, a real Segway Polo playing court is used.

Even though Segway polo is not considered as a major sporting event, it has created significant popularity in some parts of the globe. Teams were, in fact, formed in New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, United States, Barbados, Austria, and many other countries. In addition to, some Segway polo teams have actually been competing in many different Segway polo tournaments. The ISPA (International Segway Polo Association) has been created to serve as the overall governing organization for this sport. It organization has established rules and regulations by which international Segway polo competitions abide.

The following paragraphs include the Segway polo rules and regulations set by the ISPA:

The Game

A game starts with an equal number of chukkers. A regulation game is composed of 4 chukkers, unless otherwise, it is determined by the committee. The committee sets the number of chukkers for Segway polo games depending on the total number of teams that entered the tournament. This may also depend on the available time by which the number of games will be completed. Semi-Finals and/or Finals may have more chukkers than the prior rounds. However, additional chukkers should only reach a maximum of two (2). This excludes overtime periods.

Players and Teams

Every player who will play in an ISPA-sanctioned tournament must be at least sixteen (16) years old. One must demonstrate the necessary competence in playing the game without endangering themselves, co-players, officials, as well as spectators. Of course, any player should only play for a single team. The maximum allowable number of players per team is ten (10); otherwise, a team will be disqualified. During play, each team should only have five (5) on the Segway polo field. Failure to comply with this rule is subject to disqualification. This should be strictly followed especially if the game is under the sanction of the ISPA. Non-sanctioned Segway polo events, however, may have fewer numbers of players for every team. The decision on how many players there will be in the playing field depends upon the discretion of a particular governing body that organizes the tournament. While this is true, a team having less than three (3) players on the playing field shall never be allowed. If in case a team is not able to provide the required number of players in the playing field for certain reasons (other than disqualification of a player), organizers should decide before the game starts.

For an ISPA-sanctioned tournament, organizers may negotiate if the reduction of the number of players should be allowed by the team captains of both teams. If the team with the right number of players does not agree, the team with the smaller number of players will lose the game. For a game that is not sanctioned by the ISPA, this can be decided before the initial match in participation with the team captains. If the team(s) with the right number of players does not agree, the team with the smaller number of players will lose the game.


In Segway polo, a goal is scored when (in the opinion of the Referee) the ball has clearly passed over the Goal Line (the line between the goal posts and bar). Referees might welcome testimonies coming from the goal judge or even players for the determination of the score; however, the decision of the Referee is always final and irrevocable. A goal that is being awarded by “Penalty 1” will be counted as the goal scored. Like most team sports, the team with the higher total number of goals scored in the end of the game will be declared as the winner.

These are some of the most basic yet essential facts about Segway polo that you should know. Learn more about the game and discover how it is becoming more and more popular today. The next key player in Segway polo can be you.